Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust choose HealthNetConnections to provide an integrated GE ViewPoint system for Obstetric & Fetal Medicine reporting.

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust has chosen HealthNetConnections to provide a fully integrated GE ViewPoint ultrasound reporting solution to cover their Obstetric and Fetal Medicine ultrasound service(s) across the Trust including clinics at both their Stoke Mandeville and Wycombe Hospital sites.

Obstetric & Fetal Medicine Reporting

Historically, Buckinghamshire Healthcare had been using their CRIS radiology reporting system for creation of their Obstetric and Fetal Medicine reports. The trust Radiology department went through a full RIS & PACS refresh program, as part of the new imaging workflow they chose to partner with HealthNetConnections to implement the GE ViewPoint system to provide an ultrasound specific reporting system.

The new integrated GE ViewPoint system is planned to be integrated with the new Soliton RIS, Trust PACS, Maternity and Blood Lab systems to allow for an improved electronic ultrasound information workflow. This new workflow will contain all their clinical ultrasound findings (charts and measurements) and provide the ability to share the reports electronically across a myriad of clinical information systems providing access to clinical users both internal and external.

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Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Integrated Ultrasound Machines

The Trust has also chosen to connect their ten ultrasound machines to the new GE ViewPoint system so that all Obstetric & Fetal Medicine measurements will be electronically captured into the GE ViewPoint report archive allowing for the clinical ultrasound data to be automatically populated and captured within the electronic ultrasound report, where these were previously manually entered onto the RIS system.

Integrated Radiology Workflows

An integrated clinical workflow has been designed in conjunction with the departmental leads and the RIS/PACS team to allow all Obstetric & Fetal Medicine ultrasound examinations to remain to be booked onto the RIS system, once booked GE ViewPoint will then receive an electronic worklist of examinations for the current day to each of the relevant hospital reporting departments and examination rooms.

By using HealthNetConnections Talk2 Radiology technology this electronic workflow will allow the users of the system to create and finalise the ultrasound reports from within the ViewPoint system, once completed these reports are to be sent back to both the Soliton RIS system and onto the PACS system.

This fully integrated radiology workflow allows for a complete ultrasound examination record including the relevant clinical growth charts and measurements to be instantly available to all users, across all hospitals via the existing RIS & PACS systems

Integrated Maternity Workflows

The Trust has also chosen to implement HealthNetConnections Talk2 Maternity technology to integrate the new GE ViewPoint system with their MIS system, this one directional integration will allow the GE ViewPoint system to provide the relevant ultrasound scan information (EDD, no of foetuses, indication, fetal measurements, downs risk & diagnosis) via an ultrasound report copy sent to the MIS system which will then be available for review from within the MIS patient record.

This interface will allow for improved data quality throughout the Maternity record, by allowing the community midwives to access the growth charts of the baby along with the Maternity booking and outcome information from within a single system.

Integrated Laboratory Workflows

Buckinghamshire Healthcare use the Oxford blood Laboratory service to perform the blood analysis required to provide the combined Down’ Syndrome risk for its ultrasound service. The Trust has also chosen to implement HealthNetConnections Talk2 Laboratory technology to allow for an automated transfer of blood requests & results from the remote laboratory.

This electronic bloods interface will seek to provide an effective and cost efficient way to remove the potential for manual data entry errors in providing a combined risk scoring service during the ultrasound examination process.

Clinical Benefits

The benefits of this full electronic workflow can be summarised as follows;

  • Improved examination times, due to automated transfer of the ultrasound data.

  • Central secure storage of all ultrasound reporting data including images, measurements and reports

  • Improved ultrasound data reporting and availability via electronic records.

  • Lower cost for thermal printer paper with electronic archive and storage of ultrasound images.

  • Improved data quality allowing for better trend analytics and reporting of examination specifics.

  • Unified ultrasound women’s health record across the Trust.

  • Decreased potential for manual transcription errors due to automated data capture and entry.

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