County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust go-live with a HealthNetConnections upgraded and integrated GE ViewPoint system.

County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust has recently gone live with a newly upgraded, expanded and integrated GE ViewPoint system. Durham and Darlington chose HealthNetConnections to be their continued service and integration partner in providing the GE ViewPoint ultrasound reporting system.

Obstetric & Fetal Medicine Reporting

Historically, Durham had been operating a standalone ViewPoint 5.6 reporting system since early 2003. The system was initially implemented to cover the basic ultrasound reporting requirements for the local Fetal Medicine & Obstetrics departments.

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Integrated Ultrasound Reporting

The Trust Radiology department went through a full RIS & PACS renewal process; as part of the new imaging workflow they chose to not only continue using GE ViewPoint as the ultrasound specific reporting system but to also partner again with HealthNetConnections to further extend the service provided across the whole of Fetal Medicine & Obstetrics for University Hospital of North Durham, Darlington Memorial Hospital, Bishop Auckland General Hospital and Shotley Bridge Hospital creating a fully integrated Women’s Health reporting record for the whole Trust.

Full Ultrasound Connectivity with RIS & PACS

The Trust also chose to connect their twelve ultrasound machines to the GE ViewPoint system so that all Obstetric ultrasound images and measurements are now electronically captured into the report archive allowing for all the clinical ultrasound data to be automatically included within the electronic ultrasound report.

For the new ViewPoint reporting solution to be truly integrated into the new medical imaging infrastructure and workflow it would also have to integrate with the new Trust wide RIS/PACS systems namely the HSS CRIS radiology system and the PACS solution provided by GE Healthcare.

An integrated clinical workflow was designed in conjunction with the departmental leads and the RIS/PACS team to allow all Obstetrics & Fetal Medicine ultrasound examinations to remain to be booked onto the CRIS system, once booked GE ViewPoint would then receive an electronic worklist of examinations for the current day to each of the relevant hospital reporting departments and examination rooms.

Once the ultrasound examination has been performed on the ultrasound modality the images and ultrasound exam measurement values are automatically transferred electronically to the GE ViewPoint system.

Talk2 Integrated Workflows

Using HealthNetConnections Talk2 technology this fully integrated workflow allows the users of the system to create and finalise the ultrasound reports from within the ViewPoint system, once completed these reports are sent back to both the HSS CRIS system and onto the GE PACS system. The ultrasound reports are then available both in the RIS & PACS systems and automatically contain the ultrasound exam data sent from the ultrasound machines.

This fully integrated ultrasound workflow allows for a complete Women’s Health ultrasound examination record to be instantly available to all users, across all hospitals from within the enterprise PACS & RIS systems.

Clinical Benefits

The benefits of this full electronic workflow can be summarised as follows;

  • Improved examination times, due to automated transfer of the ultrasound data.

  • Central secure storage of all ultrasound reporting data including images, measurements and reports

  • Improved ultrasound data reporting and availability via electronic records.

  • The elimination of transcription errors due to automated data capture and entry.

  • Lower cost for thermal printer paper with electronic archive and storage of ultrasound images.

  • Improved data quality allowing for better trend analytics and reporting of examination specifics.

  • Unified ultrasound women’s health record across the Trust.

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