Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust go-live with a wireless Trium CTG monitoring and archiving solution from HealthNetConnections.

Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust NHS Trust has gone live with GE & HealthNetConnection’s CTG central monitoring and archiving system Trium CTG Online which provides a centralised, wireless CTG monitoring and archiving solution across the antenatal ward and delivery suite.

The new Trium CTG online central electronic and archiving system has been wirelessly connected to existing suite of 16 Huntleigh Sonicaid CTG monitors which are used throughout the delivery suite at Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford for monitoring of fetal heart & uterine activity during labour.

Web Based CTG Monitoring & Archiving


Historically, Royal Surrey had to physically look at each of the CTG paper trace events which were printed onto paper and output from each of the active fetal monitors; this involved a manual process of visiting each room periodically and reading each one in turn. Once the trace event was completed these paper traces were then stored within the patient notes, which over time could then degrade or be damaged.

With the Trium CTG system also using web based technologies the consultant obstetricians can now remotely consult when required, they can remotely advise other staff members from other areas of the hospital or even from home. This remote trace view ability not only improves the availability of key labour information but also improves the time taken for clinical decisions to be made.

Labour & Delivery Safety Improvement

The trust has recently undertaken a safety improvement campaign and a lack of a centralised electronic ctg monitoring and archival solution was highlighted as a potential project which could achieve significant improvement to the processes around labour & delivery monitoring.

The trust has partnered with HealthNetConenctions to deliver its Trium CTG Online solution to achieve these improvements.  The new Trium CTG monitoring and archiving system allows the staff working in the unit to centrally view all the active fetal heart traces of women currently having their baby. These monitoring sessions can be viewed across the labour ward desk and back offices on the antenatal ward and delivery suite.

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Talk2 Integrated Workflows

The Trust has also chosen to implement HealthNetConnections Talk2 Maternity technology to integrate the new Trium CTG system with their existing Trust PAS system, this one directional HL7 integration will allow the GE Trium system to be fed patient demographics from the central hospital system.

This integrated CTG monitoring workflow not only allows for improved patient record keeping but also improved data entry times allowing for the end users to available for clinical duties. With implementation of a standards based interface , it will also allow for improved data quality throughout the Maternity record, by allowing the trace events to be electronically archived by using standard hospital identifiers, it also ensures that traces can be securely electronically archived as per the recommended maternity record retention times.

Clinical Benefits

The benefits of this full electronic wireless workflow can be summarised as follows;

  • Improved clinical oversight, due to automated transfer and web availability of the CTG data.

  • Central secure storage of all CTG data records including trace events and annotations

  • Improved maternity reporting and data availability via electronic archives

  • Lower cost of printer paper with electronic archive and storage of CTG traces

  • Decreased potential for manual transcription errors due to automated data capture and entry

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