The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust creates an integrated patient care record for obstetric ultrasound reporting using GE ViewPoint

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust has chosen HealthNetConnections as their technology partner to create an integrated patient care record for obstetric ultrasound by using the GE ViewPoint ultrasound reporting system. All obstetric ultrasound findings (images, charts and measurements) are captured electronically within the GE ViewPoint system, by also using HNC’s Talk2 integration suite the trust can also electronically share the ultrasound reports across a myriad of other clinical information systems both internal and external, creating a truly integrated patient care record for obstetric ultrasound.

Obstetric & Ultrasound Reporting

“The project management team at HealthNetConnections were incredibly supportive and able to meet our needs and requests in all aspects of the implementation project. I would definitely recommend HNC products and services to others as our experience at Rotherham has been very positive” – Annette Brammer – Deputy Superintendent of Ultrasound


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Rotherham NHS Trust

Complete Ultrasound Reporting Solution

The new ViewPoint solution connects to all of their existing Toshiba ultrasound modalities currently used in obstetrics. The centralisation of storage for the ultrasound data allows for automatic transfer and archive of all the ultrasound images, measurements and findings captured during the examination.


Full Ultrasound Connectivity with RIS & PACS

The new ViewPoint system is integrated with the existing trust Agfa RIS & PACS systems to allow for an improved electronic ultrasound information workflow. This custom integration allows for an inbound transfer of patient wordlists which have been previously booked on the RIS and an export of finalised ultrasound reports containing both the ultrasound images and clinical findings with charts to the trust PACS system. A copy of the textual ultrasound report is also sent back to the RIS via HL7 results messaging for inclusion within the originating RIS patient record.


Inbound RIS Worklist

Using HealthNetConnections Talk2 technology the automated inbound RIS worklist automatically includes all the demographic and examination data required for rapid choice of the correct patient for examination in the ultrasound clinic, this automated process improves reporting times by removing any need for manual entry of patient information at point of capture and allows the sonographers primary focus to stay on the patient during examination.


Centralised Capture of Ultrasound Data

Once the ultrasound examination is completed via the ultrasound machine the exam images and measurements are sent directly to the central ViewPoint server, the ViewPoint software instantly matches the received ultrasound study data with the correct patient & joint work list record, this enables the ultrasound observations to be automatically available to the reporting user for inclusion with in the ultrasound report.


Report Export to PACS

Once the ultrasound exam has been fully documented and finalised within the ViewPoint system, the resulting report containing the images, findings and charts is then printed if required for inclusion within the patient notes. A copy of this finalised report with the examination images is also then sent electronically in DICOM format to the Agfa PACS system. The ViewPoint server also uses the Agfa PACS system as a long-term image archive, lowering the total cost of ownership due to having to support a localised long-term file store on the ViewPoint server. 


Report Export to RIS

While a copy of the finalised report is sent to the PACS system as a DICOM Image, an HL7 results report text message is also sent back to the originating RIS system. This textual results message allows for the examination results to be correctly closed down on the RIS along with a copy of the resulting ultrasound examination report.

EPR & ICE Integration

The ViewPoint system is also then further integrated with the Trust PAS system to allow for more demographic updates which are not normally available via a standard RIS interface, namely referring doctor details and other patient demographic and record updates, ViewPoint also then sends a report copy back to the trust Cerner EPR for incorporation into the Sunquest ICE reporting system.

Clinical Benefits

The benefits of this full electronic workflow can be summarised as follows;

  • Improved examination times, due to automated transfer of the ultrasound data.

  • Central secure storage of all ultrasound reporting data including images, measurements and reports

  • Improved ultrasound data reporting and availability via electronic records.

  • The elimination of transcription errors due to automated data capture and entry.

  • Lower cost for thermal printer paper with electronic archive and storage of ultrasound images.

  • Improved data quality allowing for better trend analytics and reporting of examination specifics.

  • Unified ultrasound women’s health record across the Trust.

  • Improved availability of ultrasound reporting data with inclusion in the enterprise Agfa RIS & PACS

  • Ultrasound reports available within the Integrated Clinical Environment ICE system

  • Ultrasound reports available within the Cerner Electronic Patient Record.

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