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Talk2 – Better Connected, Better Care

Our unique Talk2 integration architecture works with your existing hospital IT systems allowing you to utilise the best of breed software applications, putting you at the cutting edge of technology, efficiently and cost effectively.

Better care, better managed costs, better connected.

Undoubtedly, the key to linking various applications and systems is a strong integration and interfacing strategy. At HNC we have many years experience of linking and sharing data from different systems.

A good ultrasound reporting information system needs to receive relevant knowledge from many different applications;

  • Fetal Medicine
  • Ultrasound Modalities
  • Maternity Information Systems
  • CTG monitoring and archiving systems
  • Pathology Systems
  • PAS systems

With the resulting ultrasound reports containing images and graphs we can then share this information feed to various other Enterprise reporting systems such as RIS, PACS, and Document management systems the list is endless.

We can provide you with the expertise and knowledge to make this possible – allowing legacy systems to retain their value for longer by linking and integrating with newer systems as required. Whether you need to streamline your workflow, speed up delivery of results or standardise procedures across multiple sites, we can help.

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Talk2 - Better connected, Better care
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  • TCP/IP

  • HTTP

  • FTP, S/FTP and many more.

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