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Trium CTG Monitoring, Archiving and Analysis

Trium CTG Monitoring is a highly scalable and configurable central online CTG surveillance system for the Maternity Department specifically designed to meet the surveillance, alerting and diagnostic aiding demands of a modern obstetrical care environment.

We understand that maintaining a non-invasive environment during labor is a priority for both mothers and midwives. Trium has built the second generation of Trium CTG Online, a central CTG monitoring & archiving system, strongly focused on reliability, ease of use and diagnostic support. Trium is a pioneer and leader in the online analysis of CTG traces, providing you support to  make the right decisions at the right time.

Trium CTG Online provides a central and reliable archive for your CTG and patient data allowing smart and secure real time access for all active CTG recordings using your web browser from any computer connected to the Trust’s network.

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CTG Monitoring
CTG Monitoring

Trium CTG Central Surveillance System

Trium’s online CTG monitoring decision support module offers obstetricians and midwives an important diagnosis tool in time-critical situations, enabling them to take vital decisions faster. Visible and audible alarms are available for alarm conditions based on fetal heart rate.

The standard graphical display shows the fetal heart rate (including gemini support), uterine contractions and fetal movement. The system is also able to display maternal heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, STAN, maternal and fetal oxygen saturation either integrated as a curve into the chart or as digits below the chart.

Trium CTG monitoring  is also a class IIB CE-certified and patented fetal monitoring solution and offers a broad spectrum of features, making surveillance and diagnostics in the obstetrics department extremely efficient.

  • CTG Pattern Analysis according to FIGO guidelines

  • Fast access to a second opinion, even for offsite teleconsulting

  • Simultaneous surveillance of several monitoring stations

  • Works in distributed environments up to home or telemonitoring

  • Flexible configuration

  • Minimally invasive installation

CTG Monitoring

Flexible CTG Integration

Using HNC’s Talk2 CTG integration system Trium CTG Monitoring can also be connected to all leading PAS/EPR & Maternity systems using the HL7 interfacing standard to allow the automatic inbound feed of demographic data, we can also provide an export of CTG Trace events in a PDF/A format so you can ensure your CTG data is available across the whole hospital and electronic patient record.

CTG Monitoring

The real time display has a familiar and clear format resembling common fetal monitoring paper and the display speed can be adjusted variably (1, 2 or 3 cm/min), Trium CTG Monitoring also allows the user to select any group of beds for concurrent display.

  • Flexible Trace Layouts

  • Customisable Group Views

  • Display of Trace Annotations

  • Electronic Trace and CTG Archive

Automated Partogram Recording

Document and review the progress of labour with Trium’s highly customisable electronic partogram. The partogram layout provides quick entry of maternal and fetal data, as well as the documentation of any event or procedure, and a quick overview of the labour progress. You can easily switch between CTG recording and the Partogram view allowing to electronically edit the partogram alongside CTG traces, with a quick ability to print and archive the partogram as PDF. The electronic Partogram is intuitive, with web browser-like navigation throughout aided by presets and configurable drop-down lists
  • Electronic Partogram

  • Quick overview of labour progress

  • Automated partogram annotations

  • Automated capture of MHR, SpO2 and electronic annotations

CTG Monitoring

Bedside Hardware

Trium’s CTG Monitoring is compatible with fetal monitors made by all the leading manufacturers (GE Corometrics, Philips/HP, Huntleigh, Analogic, Oxford Instruments, Neoventa), using the fetal monitors native digital communication interfaces and the Trium ‘Isolation Device Server’ electronic transfer of the trace data is enabled via the Trust’s local network with one integrated device providing the required RS232-to-Ethernet link and electrical isolation in conformance with all appropriate Medical Devices Standards.

The Trium IDS box can be implemented in either a wired or wireless form allowing for a seamless integration into the hospital IT infrastructure and with the centralised electronic archiving the trace history is also seamless integrated into the Trust’s backup architecture.

CTG Monitoring
  • Compatible with all leading fetal monitors

  • Uses native digital communication interfaces

  • Simple RS232 to Ethernet technology

  • Includes electrical isolation at point of capture

  • Meets all appropriate medical device standards

Support from a trusted partner

HealthNetConnections offers a full spectrum of support with experienced IT and ultrasound professionals, from applications and project management to interfacing and installation. We can address your situation to make sure your needs are covered. We provide comprehensive technical support and access to our SLA backed Service Desk with every ViewPoint Software Maintenance Agreement. Our service staff can remotely access your system to provide assistance as required using either our N3 Remote access tools or via our secure Talk2Service technology.

Clinical Benefits in Labour Ward

The benefits of this full electronic CTG reporting workflow can be summarised as follows;

  • Central and reliable archive for your CTG and patient data.

  • Smart and secure real time access to all active CTG recordings

  • Non invasive platform allows the hospital wide usage of standard hardware and software.

  • You are always only one click away from your CTG monitoring with access via web browser or mobile device

  • Remote fetal monitors can even be integrated using wireless technology (WiFi, 3G)

  • Advanced and configurable alarming algorithms

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If you would like information about how to improve your CTG archiving and analysis workflows using the Trium system, please contact us.
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