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ViewPoint – Next generation ultrasound reporting

Using over 20 years of experience and feedback from customers across the globe, ViewPoint™ has simplified ultrasound reporting and image management into one flexible and intuitive system. ViewPoint is one of the most comprehensive ultrasound data management solutions on the market.  As a GE Healthcare Partner, HNC offers a truly customised and scalable ultrasound reporting system which is integrated with your existing technology workflows to meet your unique reporting needs.

Better cost management, Better connected, Better care.

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Powerful and Flexible

Powerful, flexible, and easy to use, ViewPoint offers professional reporting and image management functionality paired with advanced image review features and volume ultrasound post-processing tools. ViewPoint helps you to optimize efficiency and quality in your daily routine. Covering a broad range of applications. ViewPoint has been enhanced to be highly user friendly. Customizable to meet your needs, ViewPoint makes reporting easy and helps improve your IT workflow.

Clinical Areas Covered

Fetal Medicine

For high risk pregnancies, the ability to easily obtain, track and document critical fetal ultrasound measurements and findings is extremely important. ViewPoint provides comprehensive For fetal medicine reporting information about the patient, exam, and images all in one view. HNC can work with your clinical teams to design a ViewPoint system to meet the in-depth clinical reporting and workflow requirements of a modern fetal medicine clinic.


Information to help assess interventional options and treatment planning is essential in gynaecology. ViewPoint for Gynaecology has been developed by clinicians and gynaecology specialists to ensure that it gives you the reporting required to deliver the quality assurance that you need. HNC will work with your clinicians to deliver a customised ViewPoint system to help improve your clinical reporting workflows.


When you have a busy ultrasound service and you need to comprehensively document and archive all your obstetric exam data, ViewPoint can help make your reporting workflow easy, fast and simple. HNC will work with you to customise ViewPoint’s easy-to-use exam screens to match your local obstetric requirements and design your reporting templates to reflect your most common findings to speed up your routine work.

Breast Ultrasound

ViewPoint now combines BI-RADS breast reporting with image archiving capabilities to provide a simple and easily customisable breast ultrasound reporting system. Think of ViewPoint as the window to all your patient data, connecting you with all the data you need. Working with a ViewPoint system designed by HNC you can quickly produce professional reports for both routine beast ultrasound exams and complicated reporting cases with ease.


A multitude of measurements and images are recorded and stored with every vascular ultrasound exam. As a comprehensive ultrasound data management system, ViewPoint can provide the reporting solution a vascular lab needs to streamline its workflow. HNC can customise the ViewPoint workflow to be a great fit for vascular ultrasound reporting with special features designed just for the vascular use.


Cross-department communication, comprehensive reporting with a seamlessly integrated workflow are just a few of the needs of a Radiology department that ViewPoint can help enhance. When it comes to integration, HNC has you covered - connect ViewPoint to your existing PAS, RIS, PACS, or EPR systems to let you communicate your comprehensive ultrasound reports across departments, sites and enterprise.


Keeping echocardiology exams well organised and easily accessible is essential in a busy echo department. With its comprehensive documenting and archiving capabilities, HNC & ViewPoint will help you streamline and simplify your echocardiac ultrasound workflow. The easy-to-use exam documentation screen helps speed up routine work with customised Quick Report templates to efficiently report your most common findings.

User Oriented Display

ViewPoint is a user-oriented image archiving and documentation system based on Microsoft Windows. It enables quick and precise diagnostic reporting with standardized terminology. ViewPoint provides exam type specific reporting forms for various medical care areas. Forms are composed of different sections with data entry fields. The documentation can include measurements, exam findings, images, and graphs. All data is saved in the ViewPoint database and can be compiled to a professional report. Images and image sequences can be reviewed in the ViewPoint display area based on user preference.

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Clinical Benefits

  • Improved report accuracy and quality of care

  • Streamlined workflow

  • Interfaces to Hospital Information Systems and PACS

  • Productivity enhancement e.g. digital measurement data transfer

  • Image acquisition from ultrasound, endoscope systems and other imaging modalities

  • Image export in common graphic formats

You can rest assured that the service and support from the HNC team who are all GE accredited professionals and UK based, is second to none.

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