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Echocardiology Reporting

Keeping your echocardiology and vascular exams well organized and easily accessible is essential in today’s busy echo departments. With complete documenting and archiving capabilities, ViewPoint with EchoPAC Suite for Cardiology may help you streamline and simplify your workflow.

Connect seamlessly to existing multi-vendor ultrasound devices and IT systems to help maximise your current investment, simplify your daily routine, and improve your workflow. Or let ViewPoint serve as your standalone PACS and EPR system in one easy-to-use solution.

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Comprehensive Reporting Templates

Standardised, comprehensive reports can be created quickly and efficiently with ViewPoint. Images and measurements are transferred directly from the ultrasound system to the ViewPoint reporting screen to help reduce transcription errors. A preliminary report can be created in just a few steps using quick report templates to auto-populate details and comments. A highly customizable interface allows you to hide any fields you don’t use, rearrange sections in the report, and even create new exam types based on your needs. From your measurements, graphs or charts are created based on your preferences and added to your report automatically. Say goodbye to paper worksheets with digital storage of all your reports in ViewPoint.

The ViewPoint echocardiology reporting module contains exams for TEE, TTE, Stress Echo with reporting fields including:

  • Automated Function Imaging (AFI)

  • 4D LV Volume and 4D RV Volume

  • Mitral Valve Assessment

  • 4D Auto AVQ for aortic valve quantification

  • Intima Media Thickness (IMT)

  • Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI) & Tissue Tracking (TT)

  • 2D & 4D Strain
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Reporting Workflow for your practice

ViewPoint has solutions for all sizes, from private offices up to enterprise level institutions. One of the benefits of ViewPoint’s customisability is that we
can build a solution designed to meet your unique integration needs. Whether you use ViewPoint as your stand-alone image and patient record storage or you need to seamlessly integrate with hospital wide PAS, RIS, PACS, and EPR systems, HNC can adapt ViewPoint to your needs. Using our Talk2 technology we have a long list of multi-vendor IT solutions and ultrasound systems that we have integrated with ViewPoint, and with a dedicated integration team, we can expand to connect with new systems as well.

ViewPoint has a number of advanced integration features designed to make the transfer of information easier and reduce your manual workload. Order management allows you to transfer order information from the RIS to the ultrasound system, populating your ultrasound system with patient and order details. When connecting with a PACS system, you can load ViewPoint directly on your PACS workstation for easy review. With desktop integration, you can quickly access ViewPoint from external applications, like a PACS system, to avoid extra search time and typing errors. ViewPoint can even send measurement data from the ultrasound to a dictation system, eliminating the need to dictate measurements and helping to reduce potential errors.

ViewPoint is setup with concurrent user licenses, meaning you can load the soft- ware on as many computers as you like in your facility, including a laptop. Sign in and view studies and reports from any networked facility – even your home office.

Whether you receive images from one ultrasound system or thousands of images from multiple systems, ViewPoint can manage them and help make your life easier.  Help improve your productivity by viewing and processing images on ViewPoint for fetal medicine reporting. Now you can view your high-quality images from a variety of vendors in one place and help reduce the need to print images.

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ViewPoint for Echocardiology reporting helps you improve your echo workflow by easily accessing comprehensive information about your patient, the exam, and images all within one single view. By using a ViewPoint reporting system you can:

  • Rearrange images.

  • Auto-play cine clips.

  • Use new image display area layout.

  • View images on an additional monitor with dual monitor support.

  • Export images in DICOM, JPG, or MP4 format, and anonymize patient information.

  • Send images to a PACS system, or save them in ViewPoint.

  • Manipulate and analyse volumes using the fully integrated 4D View applications.

Image management made simple

Continue to leverage your Radiology and PACS investment and use ViewPoint for Echocardiology reporting to help optimize workflow within your ultrasound department. Or for private clinics and independent departments, ViewPoint has the power to be your standalone image archive and reporting solution. Whether you receive images from one ultrasound system or thousands of images from multiple systems, ViewPoint can manage them in one workstation.

This comprehensive digital storage helps eliminate the need to print images, helping to reduce costs for thermal paper. Each user can set up his or her own preferences, including the ability to view one image at a time or show images side by side with the report. You can even set it up to view images across up to 4 monitors for fast review of large studies.

  • Quickly review data and images, create a detailed customised report with images and charts to print or send to an EPR system.

  • Go paperless with digital data transfer (including fetal echocardiography) from your ultrasound systems helping save time and cost.

  • View measurements from multiple exams displayed in trending curves that you selected from more than 400 predefined graphs.

  • Post process volume data offline and utilise Voluson’s automated technologies in the integrated 4D View applications.

  • Apply integrated risk assessment algorithms for trisomies from the Fetal Medicine Foundation, London.

  • Adapt ViewPoint’s easy-to-use, exam screens to meet your needs and use the Quick Report feature to speed up routine work.

  • Automate functions like printing or sending a report using the Exam States feature to complete common tasks.

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EchoPAC Suite

The integrated EchoPAC™ Suite, allows you to review and post process your cases offline, freeing up your ultrasound system for scanning instead of reviewing. High quality reports for referring doctors and access to data for post-processing all in one comprehensive, dedicated solution.

Get a better view when post processing Echocardiology data sets. EchoPAC Suite features integrated post-processing tools to allow you to review, analyze and perform measurements at an offline workstation, freeing up your ultrasound system to help improve workflow. With EchoPAC Suite you can access the power of GE Vivid image processing across cine loops and static images. Analysis or measurements made using EchoPAC Suite are directly saved back into the patient record, so your patient information is in one location. Your Vivid system’s functionality is available in EchoPAC Suite, including:

Integrated Workflows

From the start of the exam to final storage, ViewPoint for Echocardiology fits into your workflow as a scalable solution designed to help simplify your daily routine. ViewPoint connects seamlessly to your existing multi-vendor ultrasound devices and IT systems to help with efficiency and data quality while enhancing your current investment. A single click allows you to:

  • Archive exam information

  • Send report to an existing EPR

  • Fax or print report for a patient notes

  • Fax or print report for a patient notes

  • Send images and reports to an existing CV PACS

Support from a trusted partner

HealthNetConnections offers a full spectrum of support with experienced IT and ultrasound professionals, from applications and project management to interfacing and installation. We can address your situation to make sure your needs are covered. We provide comprehensive technical support and access to our SLA backed Service Desk with every ViewPoint Software Maintenance Agreement. Our service staff can remotely access your system to provide assistance as required using either our N3 Remote access tools or via our secure Talk2Service technology.

Clinical Benefits in Echocardiology

The benefits of this full electronic echocardiology reporting workflow can be summarised as follows;

  • Improved examination times, due to automated transfer of the ultrasound data.

  • Central secure storage of all ultrasound reporting data including images, measurements and reports

  • Improved ultrasound data reporting and availability via electronic records.

  • The elimination of transcription errors due to automated data capture and entry.

  • Lower cost for thermal printer paper with electronic archive and storage of ultrasound images.

  • Improved data quality allowing for better trend analytics and reporting of examination specifics.

  • Unified ultrasound women’s health record across the Trust.

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If you would like information about how to improve your echocardiology reporting workflows using the ViewPoint system, please contact us to discuss the options available to you
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