Minimise Time Spent on Ultrasound Documentation

ViewPoint™ can help you to speed up ultrasound reporting and image management for vascular, abdominal, and small parts ultrasound exams. It receives measurements and exam data directly from your ultrasound system and inserts the information into the report. You can create Quick Reports for commonly used ultrasound exams to auto-populate each form with pre-defined content. Import relevant data from previous exams to save time. Customisations such as hiding fields not used or rearranging sections in the report enable efficient workflows. ViewPoint™ was developed according to medical guidelines and in close cooperation with medical societies.

The solution offers exam templates for vascular ultrasound:

  • Extracranial

  • Visceral Arterial

  • Aortic-Iliac-Duplex

  • Renal Duplex

  • Abdominal Venous

  • Extremity Arterial

  • Extremity Venous

  • Bypass Graft

  • Peripheral Arterial

  • Liver Transplant US

  • Kidney Transplant US

  • Pancreas Transplant US

  • EVAR

  • Dialysis Access

Exam templates for abdominal and small parts ultrasound:

  • Abdomen

  • Neck Head / Thyroid

With one click, you can preview the report and easily add key images. Quickly create a highly professional, easy-to-read report that is customised to your requirements. ViewPoint™ interfaces to your IT environment to transfer patient information, images, and reports to your desired locations.

Maximise the Accuracy and Consistency of Your Reports

ViewPoint™ helps to provide consistent, accurate, and reliable information sharing between you, your colleagues, and patients. ViewPoint™ automatically transfers patient information and measurements from the ultrasound system into your report, reducing the risk of transcription errors. The technology supports diagnosis, performing calculations in the background to visualise abnormal values and ensuring critical findings are highlighted. Since the terminology of the ViewPoint™ reports is based on over 25 years of customer feedback and cooperation with medical societies, your reports will reflect the high quality of care and diagnosis that you deliver.

EFFICIENT workflows

From scheduling patients to sharing professional reports, ViewPoint’s comprehensive suite of solutions handles all steps of your ultrasound workflow.

Benefit from Your Data Pool

When you combine your expertise with ViewPoint™, you have everything you need to stay at the leading edge of ultrasound reporting as well as helping you to maintain your reputation for providing excellence. The technology can help you benefit from your data pool to find insights for scientific studies or answers to administrative questions. You can quickly query the database to find images by keyword and then easily export, anonymise, and insert the images into your presentations.


Our friendly team are on hand to answer all your vascular and abdominal ultrasound reporting questions.